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Handi-Pod is a portable motion control system for making tracking and trucking, pan or boom shots with small DV and MPEG cameras or to stabilise still cameras following motion. This is a simple idea using gravity to balance and smooth camera motion. Handi-Pod consists of a center camera mount with three weighted arms balanced atop a small monoball and telescoping handle/monopod which together absorb the undesired motions of your hands and body.  [Photos above demonstrate intended use, photos below, optional methods.]
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As shown, a cameraperson can use the Handi-Pod dynamically from the ground [top photos].  Handi-Pod can also be used to move from static to dynamic shots, used as a fixed table tripod, then lifted to follow motion or fixed to a small tripod, then removed to follow the action. Or can "chock" the Handi-Pod under both arms without the monopod. The use of a support belt, adds more options as shown.  Handi-pod accepts smaller DV and still cameras up to about a half of kilo (1.1 lb.). Larger cameras can be used by adding additional weight to the weighted handles. The arms fold down (below) for easy travel.
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Handi-Pod - like all Plume designs, a collapsing  "camera motion control" system for those on the move. Prices: Handi-Pod with telescoping Monopod / Monoball System . Retail $225 usd includes shipping.

Looking for a good remote zoom/focus control, we suggest the BEBOB or Manfrotto  Or belt system: Lightware

and Coming Soon:

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