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Jumbrella Instructions


Failure to read and understand these instructions will result in damage to your new investment and voids your warrantee. Please one person assembly onlyTwo or more persons move at different speeds and intentions, often conflicting - one person assembly only to avoid cross purposes and breakage.

Shown below is the black / silver jumbrella.  The translucent white model follows the same assembly and disassembly methods, note the further instruction regarding changing one cover to the other cover using a single frame.

INCLUDED PARTS:  Folded Jumbrella on telescoping boom with boom - to - stand pivot in travel shoulder bag.

REQUIRED ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT: Heavy - Duty lightstand able to accept a 1-1/8th inch spigot, such as Manfrotto (Bogen) Art. No. 008 or larger.

SPACE REQUIREMENTS:  Ceiling height should be 4 ft larger than the jumbrella, that is, 17 ft for the 4 meter (13 ft) Jumbrella; 14 ft for the 3 meter (10 ft) Jumbrella and 11 feet for the 2 meter (6.5 ft) Jumbrella.


assembly photo one1) Note double spline on telescoping boom and corresponding grooves in boom pivot.  Attach boom pivot onto splines of boom behind the umbrella.  Place boom pivot into lightstand with umbrella aimed upward towards the ceiling.  We will use gravity to assist assembly.  Make certain that all eight poles are released from their respective pole pockets and are PASSING through the pocket sleeve.  This is VERY IMPORTANT before proceeding to the next step. Refer to Picture 1.

assembly picture two2) Allow boom to fall through loosened boom pivot - make certain that all umbrella struts are moving away from the central boom column.  This will expand the umbrella poles and move the two "hubs" of the poles closer together.  Pull downward until the two "hubs" lock into position fully expanding the inside umbrella poles.  Do not tighten the boom pivot, but note that the double spline has been is removed from the telescoping boom at this point.  This is VERY IMPORTANT and this "boss", that is, the missing splines, allow the full rotation of the umbrella during the next step.  Refer to Picture 2. 
assembly picture three3) Raise the lightstand sufficiently to allow the umbrella to be turned 90° with the outside folding poles clear of the floor surface and ceiling.  Next, of course, turn the umbrella 90°.  At this time, you will need to add a counter weight to the boom to balance the assembly during the next steps.  Refer to Picture 3.
4) Carefully bring each of the eight folding poles forward.  Best method is to get all poles foreword, and only then
lock ONLY the each pole into pole pocket. Do this by rotating the jumbrella to next pole, locking the PREVIOUS pole in place until all eight poles are forward.  VERY IMPORTANT: do not force the poles forward - if necessary, slide the pole pocket up the pole to release any tension BEFORE attempting to bring the pole forward. Refer to Picture 4.

5) Continue until all poles are forward and lock the final pocket. Refer to Picture 5.

NOTE: Due to the amount of fabric used in the Jumbrella, differences in humidity and temperature around the earth will make a difference in the tension of the fabric.  Thus, the pole tabs are adjustable.  If, after following the instructions above, the jumbrella appears to be too loose, release each of the poles about 1 cm (half inch), and again a second time, until the jumbrella takes a taunt look - this adjustment may need to be repeated the following day and when there are large changes in the weather.

COVER CHANGES: Note the jumbrella covers (black/silver to translucent or visa versa) are relatively easy to change.  Easiest to leave the frame on the heavy duty light stand with the entire jumbrella collapsed with all poles forward.  Carefully pull the upper sleeves over the "elbow" of each pole. Then remove and fold entire cover.  Pull the alternate cover on to each of the eight poles, then carefully pull each sleeve a few inches (6 cm) over the elbow, make certain that the second, lower sleeve and pole pocket is started onto each pole.  Next bring sleeves completely up poles, and affix the velcro and elastic ties around the pole strut.


EASY! Release all pole pockets and slide pocket up pole several inches.  Aim jumbrella straight up, rotate boom until spline matches the grooves in the boom pivot.  Raise the boom up through the boom pivot, lock momentarily.  Pull down on lower "hub".  Take care to keep hands away from boom as the "hub" is under spring pressure.  Once released the jumbrella can be closed, rolled up and put away.

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