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Scandles is our multi-tasking portable fluorescent light source for digital, video and film imaging; also a first choice for conservation task lighting of art and artifacts.  It is a constant, easily transported, full-spectrum, UV and heat free, daylight or tungsten balanced source of illumination. (No HEAT, no UV, at least 4 times the electrical efficiency per lumen (lumen = the green output; daylight fluorescent is 8 times the blue output] - sorry, Mr. Edison!)  Scandles is self ballasted and flicker free (39 kHz), drawing only 1.6 Amp (200 watt model) which, with reflector, produces a light of quantity and quality similar to a 575 W HMI with a CHIMERA softbox (420 Fc/M). Its 10,000 hr. 5500º K lamps can be switched on or off 2 lamps at a time and exchanged with 3000º K or other color balanced lamps.  (Note: Consider just the lamp replacement costs across 10,000 hrs- Scandles, $200 vs HMI, $5000 to $10,000.)

The light from the single Scandles instrument is quickly changed by means of a growing group of additional accessories: such as Folding Cone Reflector (shown below), Aluminium Cone reflector (honeycomb grid and diffusers available); and Scandles is the only fluorescent fixture ready for various manufacturers softboxes or china balls, such as Chimera (shown below right), our Wafers, Westcott or Photoflex. Call for further accessory details.

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   Scandles Specifications:

  • Auto Switching Multi Voltage 90~220Vac: 200W (8 lamp).
  • Size: Scandles 200 - 50L x 20W cm (20L x 7.5W in.)
  • Weight: 3.2 kg (7 lbs.)
  • Electrical use: 1.6A sustained at 120VAC
  • Meets EC RFI / input harmonics: EN 55015 / 60555

    SCANDLES Price list:

    • Scandles 200W (90~220Vac) w/ Attachment Ring, 8 x 24W Lamps, ClearShield, AC Cord and Folding Cone reflector / softbox in 5500 or 3000 K lamps $1445
    • Scandles 200W (90~220Vac) w/ Attachment Ring, 8 x 24W Lamps, ClearShield, AC Cord in 5500 or 3000 K lamps $1260
    • Scandles Body only (no lamps, ClearShield or reflector) $960


    • Scandles Metal ConeFlector $190
    • Scandles Folding ConeFlector / Softbox $210
    • ClearShield for Scandles 24W Lamps [Clear polycarbonate lamp support] $195
    • ClearShield for "Scandles 18W Lamps (four inch shorter configuration) $195
    • Replacement Lamp 24W or 18W [ 5500º K or 3000º K] $24.00.
    • Replacement AC Cord $30.
    • We also produce 14 different shapes and sizes of Wafer "softboxes" up to 4.5 x 6.5 ft.
    • Call for Kit Prices
    • Manfrotto AVENGER Folding Base Stand $ 220 (link to Manfrotto specs.)



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