Overview of Features: The new aluminum Plume Flash Ring is designed as an improved "universal" attachment for WAFER and most of our competition's light diffusion banks and soft boxes including Chimera, Photoflex, Calumet, Redwing, Bowens and Westcott offerings. The improvements are thinner profile, lighter weight and extra placements for ring based accessories. Our design not only provides the structural basis to these banks, but it also allows easily finger controlled tensioned rotation and quick change of inner adapters to a variety of manufacturers' flash head by means of various adapter rings. If we do not happen to produce a specific adapter, please inquire.

Description: The Plume Flash Ring consists of an outer ring, which will support the diffusion bank, and an inner flash head adapter ring, which mounts to your particular brand of flash "head" or housing. The outer ring and inner adapter ring are easily assembled and, generally, attach in the same way as your reflectors attach. (see specific notes below).

The outer ring features four primary (unthreaded) holes into which the lightbank's poles (or wands) are inserted.  These four holes are located adjacent to the four brass thumb nuts. Note that one of these four holes is marked with the word "I Concepts". This marked hole has a special tension release notch at a lesser angle than the other holes, making assembly and disassembly easier.  Use this notched hole LAST during assembly, and FIRST in disassembly.  (Note two other unthreaded holes are available for supporting the six wands of the  HexOval WAFERS.  Use one of these holes as the LAST (assembly) or FIRST (disassembly) with the HexOval models.)

Two threaded holes (1/4-20 and 3/8-16) are also provided on the outer ring for direct attachment to light stand adapters, attachment of interior flags or scrims or for mounting second and third flash heads to the lightbank.

The outer ring rotate on the inner adapter ring.  Adjust the ease of this rotation by changing the tension on one or all of the thumb nuts.

The inner adapter ring can be easily removed and exchanged with a different inner adapter ring specific to another brand of flash equipment

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