Ultra Violet Photography
by Eliadis Elias

Zone System Ruler
by Luca Paradisi

Easy to assemble and even easier to use: just put the meter reading for zone V on the zone you prefer, then read where the other zones fall. There are three wheels to play with, so f-stops and EVs too are easy to remember.
The wheel in PDF format.-- 224KB-- PDF

by Eliadis Elias

Filterzone is a photographic filter Database, which is a complete catalogue with all the filters used in photography.

by Eliadis Elias

Paperzone is a Black and White photographic printing paper Database, which will help you to get acquainted with the technical characteristics as:
the layer structure, density curves, spectral sensitivity, exposure and contrast control, printing range, darkroom safelights, processing times and print finishing ..........

Temperature Conversion Table
by Eliadis Elias


Unit Conversion Table
by Eliadis Elias


Color Temperature
by Alexandrou Babis

The colour temperature in the Kelvin scale is the handiest way to express the content of the colour of a light source.People that have been occupied with photography, even for a short period of time, must have encountered references to this term. However, there is often a confusion with .......

Copyright Law In Greece

According to article 2 par. 1 of Greek Law 2121 / 1993 on copyright and related rights, the original photographs is object of copyright and the photographer has all rights provided by Law 2121 /1993. Article 38 of Law 2121 /1993 contains......

Lens Tutorial
by David M. Jacobson

This note gives a tutorial on lenses and gives some common lens formulas. I attempted to make it between an FAQ (just simple facts) and a textbook. I generally give the starting point of an idea, and then skip to the results, leaving out all the algebra. If any part of it is too detailed, just skip ahead to the result and go on. ......

Photographic Lenses FAQ
by David M. Jacobson

This posting contains a list of Frequently Asked Questions about lenses. It is intended for photographers. It defines terms, gives a large number of formulas, discusses depth of field issues, vignetting, diffraction, lens aberrations, and the Modulation Transfer Function. ......


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